A very professional and motivated team!!

We post these accolades for “Team Michi (Suzuki) at Keller Williams. A very professional and motivated team!!

From day one, your team was there for us, from sun up to sun down. Your team does not believe in a five day work week or eight hour days.

I think the words give up and
surrender are not in their vocabulary. My wife and I were very impressed from the very beginning.

I must admit that there were times when I had my doubts that our house would sell because of other competition in our area,

but your team stayed focused and motivated throughout and that type of attitude was very, very encouraging to my wife and I.

Communicating all things positive that this deal would go through. Your team is BLESSED, with the ability to take care of their

personal matters and work related issues, moving forward without breaking a sweat! Your team’s attention to detail, making sure that

all the “T’s” were cross and all the “i’s” were doted, made it all possible. I hope your next challenge be as successful as ours.

Your team is AWESOME!! And they “ROCK” as well!